Rite Aid 101

These are my notes not the official policy. For the official Rite Aid Coupon Policy please go here.

                  What Rite Aid membership offers:

Single Check Rebates

Wellness Program

+Up rewards

Video Value Coupons

In Ad Coupons

                        Coupon Policy MUST KNOWS:

Internet/print at home coupons are accepted up to $5.00 off.

You can use 3 coupons per item: 1 Manufacture coupon, 1 Rite Aid coupon starting with RC49, and 1 Rite Aid coupon starting with RC48.

They take up to 4 identical coupons per visit as long as there are items left on the shelf.

No overage is allowed (this means if you have a $2/1 coupon and the item is $1.49 then only $1.49 it taken off).

You CANNOT use BOGO coupons with a BOGO sale.

Single Check Rebates:

                Store’s version of a mail in rebate but you don’t mail them in!

                Find these in their monthly SCR book.

Once you buy a qualifying item you enter your receipt info into the Single Check Rebate System online.

At the end of the month you request for your money back and you will get ONE check for all the Single Check Rebates you completed the previous month.

Wellness Program & +Up Rewards:

                Free to register.

                You get a card and 2 keychain cards.

                You will get member-only sales prices.

                10% off Rite Aid Brand items

                +UP Register Rewards for qualifying items (catalinas to be used towards next purchase)

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