Manufacture Coupon 101

                                                        Manufacture Coupons

No matter what only 1 manufacture coupon can be used for each item!!!

In order to be considered a valid manufacture coupon it MUST say “Manufacture Coupon” on it.

Some store coupons say manufacture coupon on it but unless the barcode starts with a 5 or a 9 it is considered a store coupon.

Barcodes that starts with a 5 CAN be doubled while barcodes that start with a 9 CANNOT be doubled.

Even if the coupon says “Do not double” but the barcode starts with a 5, they will automatically double (if your store doubles coupons).

There are 6 parts to a manufacture coupon:

  1. Expiration Date
  2. Coupon Value
  3. Coupon Terms
  4. Retailer Information
  5. Consumer Information
  6. Bar Code

1.  Expiration Date

  • In order for you to use a manufacture coupon it MUST have an expiration date.
  • If this date is cut off the coupon is not longer valid.
  • Rarely will a store let you use an expired coupon.
  • Military families can use expired coupons for anywhere from 6 months to a year after they expire. So make sure to donate your coupons to military families overseas!!!

2. Coupon Value

  • This will tell you if the coupon takes a specific price off a specific item and item quantity or if it is a B1G1 (Buy One Get One Free), B2G1, etc. coupon.

3. Coupon Terms

  • Any restrictions such as size, variety, and quantity will be listed here.

4. Retailer Information

  • This tells the retailer (such as Walmart) specifics of the coupon and where to send the coupon for reimbursement.
  • Some common terms found here:
    • Cash Value: 1/100 means it has no cash value
    • Do Not Double means the retailer will not be reimbursed for double the coupon value.
    • Excludes Travel/Trail Size means the coupon will not work on travel or trial sized items.
    • You Pay Sales Tax tells the retailer that the manufacturer coupon does not cover sales tax.
    • Product Availabe At tells the retailer and consumer where the item is sold but it does NOT mean it can only be used at that store.
    • Redeemable Only At tells the retailer and consumer what store you can use the coupon for. Unless the store takes competitors coupons you MUST use the coupon at the store listed on the coupon.
    • Store Logo is just an advertisement and unless it says “Redeemable Only At” then it can be used anywhere the item is sold.
    • Other Use Constitutes Fraud means if you use this coupon for any other product, size, or quantity then it is intended for, it is considered fraud.

5. Consumer Information

  • One coupon per purchase means you can only use one coupon per ITEM (not per transaction).
  • One coupon per transaction means you can only use one of these coupons per transaction (per receipt). You can still use other coupons for other items in that transaction though.
  • One coupon per person means you can only use one of these coupons per person. You can still use other coupons for other items in that transaction though.
  • One coupon valid for item indicated means you have to meet the coupon requirements to use the coupon.

6. Bar Code

  • ALL manufacture coupons (unlike store coupons) will have a barcode that begins with a 5 or a 9 (all others are considered store coupons or fraudulent coupons).
  • If your barcode starts with a 5 then these coupons can be doubled. If it starts with a 9 it cannot be doubled.
  • Most coupons that have a barcode that start with 9 are found in the stores such as peelies, in store print outs, etc.
  • If the coupon is legitimate it still might cause the store’s register to beep or freeze. This is caused by one of several things such as a system error, or it is not entered in the system, miscoding, etc.  Most stores will read over the coupon to make sure every requirement is met and then manually enter the coupon in this case.

                                                                               Coupon Policies

Some new cashiers or uneducated managers will argue that they know the right rules for their store’s coupon policies. If they are wrong and you have the printed up-to-date store coupon policy with you, it will save you a lot of arguing and time.

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